Now by invitation, only...

For the record, we at Cherrypeel oppose anything that would have a chilling effect on freedom of speech and therefore we outright oppose SOPA. We know not whether it will become signed into law, but the message has been received quite loud and clear: the guilded-era of unencumbered proliferation of UGC is likely over and while we stand in support of our brothers and sisters who continue to fight in opposition of SOPA, we have chosen to take a different tactic in response.

It is time for us to adapt and change, rather than fight a losing battle with large, multinational corporations who posses extensive legislative influence.

Historically, oppressive government measures have engendered large underground subcultures that have led to some of the greatest flourishes of artistic creativity in history.

We will re-form our community, still based upon the foundational Cherrypeel ideal of identifying, discussing and celebrating the talent of independent musicians, but we will hereafter do it in a climate of exclusivity (not to be confused with secrecy). When Cherrypeel relaunches in 2012, it will be by invitation only.

For updates on our progress, follow us on Twitter: @cherrypeelmusic

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